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Limited time Face-masks


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Welcome to beautiful face-masks made to order right here in the USA.

All masks are made from cotton material and elastic bands around the ears. All sizes available from 2 years up (see photos below). Masks are shipped with-in 1 week of ordering for $4 for every 4 masks.

Price range:

$12 PREMIUM Mask with wire and (DSS) logo

$10 WIRED Mask with wire over the nose (recommended if you wear glasses)

$10 BASIC Mask without wire or logo

Inventory changes frequently, so please check back for more designs.

IMG_0297 2.JPG

Men's masks come in 3 sizes

Large  |  average male

X-Large  |  tall male

XX-Large  |  big and tall male

Fabrics Change often, so check out the order form for the most current look.

IMG_8791 2.JPG

Kids masks come in 3 sizes

xs  |  2-3 years

small  |  4-6 years

adult small  |  7-12 years

Fabrics Change often, so check out the order form for the most current look.

My mask story...

My husband works at a hospital and needs to wear a mask every day. He was given a few masks to wear in February, but they hurt his ears and were too small. Most masks are one size fits all, but they sure didn't fit him! I decided after a couple of weeks to start helping him out. I had a hard time finding fabric, since all the stores were closed, so I started cutting up shirts and cloth items at home. Those didn't turn out so well. He also didn't like the elastic behind the ears, so I tried making some that had velcro around the back, but they were big and bulky. After a couple of weeks of failed attempts, I decided to go on youtube to find a good mask pattern. The first one I found was a huge success. I made a couple masks that were too small, but fit me perfectly, so I adapted the mask size to fit larger people and finally made him the PERFECT mask to wear to work. I bought some beautiful neutral colored fabrics online and started making masks for friends and family. Of course, everyone says- you should sell these! My first week of advertising on next door brought in so many orders that I wore out my 49 year old sewing machine my grandmother gave me. I took it in to the shop to get "fixed up" but it was too old so I came home with a brand new machine. I was humming after that. Now, I enjoy picking out fabrics people will love wearing and look good with anything. My buyers come back for more because they say these are the most comfortable and stylish masks they own. Thanks to my husband and to all the hospital workers out there!

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