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Maternity Photoshoot

A lot of my clients ask me when is the best time to have a maternity photoshoot? I always tell them that I recommend around the 7th month. While being seven months pregnant may not be the most comfortable, it's not too close to the due date and your belly is nice and round. Some may wait a little longer, but I have had cancellations because the baby came early and their maternity shoot turned into a newborn shoot.

Some of my poses, like laying down on a blanket, require some movements like getting up and down, but I am always there to assist (and hopefully your partner too!). Some moms are unable to do much more than walking and sitting, so be aware of how your body feels and what you're able to do during as you get closer to your due date.

When picking out what to wear, make sure you are comfortable moving around in it and it has the ability to hide any insecure places. I always like long sleeved dresses and floor length gowns the best, so MacKenzie's dress in the following gallery really is one of my favorites.

This studio session took place at the Bloom Collective in Roseville, but could have easily taken place in a meadow, at the beach, or by the lake. Where ever you might choose, I'm here to capture you in one of the most beautiful seasons of life!

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