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Roseville Park Photoshoot

Roseville has many beautiful parks and Blue Oaks Park is one of my favorites.

Here are several things you should know about your Roseville park photoshoot:

Blue Oaks Park doesn't have public restrooms, so please make sure your family is taken care of ahead of time. Parking is easy from Horncastle Ave, so park in front of the green grassy area, or in the school parking lot, then walk towards the playground to the trails where your photoshoot will take place. The location where I like to shoot is further down the trail so be prepared to take a 5-10 minute walk. If you have young ones, please use a stroller. The trails are all paved, so strolling is easy, but carrying a baby or small child may tire you out. If the weather is hot, bring some damp cloths for perspiration on your face, or powder to avoid shiny faces and plenty of cool water. Sometimes this park has quite a few weeds, so long dresses may get some little seeds stuck to them. Some of my favorite photoshoots have take place in this park. Enjoy the magnificent oaks and treasure the memories made together on your photoshoot!

location: Blue Oaks Park

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