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Sacramento Capitol Photoshoot

When planning a Sacramento Capitol photoshoot, you can expect to have a couple of different settings. There is the beautiful rose garden and desert gardens for a more casual look and then there is the more urban city look. I recommend two different outfits for this type of photoshoot. My friend Brenda was able to run into the park restroom for a quick wardrobe change and make up refresh. You can see in these images how impactful her new outfit was and the effect was stunning.

One of the things to note about having your session downtown is that you will need to pay for parking along the street or in a parking garage. You will also need to be extra careful with all your gear, keeping it with you at all times. I usually bring a wagon to keep everything in one spot. I felt a little more comfortable with the police patrolling the area, but you still need to be aware of your surroundings and keep everything close by.

Lastly, bring ENERGY. Downtown is an exciting place to be photographed. There are so many beautiful buildings near the capitol and the park is quite extensive. My clients do a lot of walking as I like to get plenty of different backgrounds in my one hour with them. We not only do different poses, but also plenty of colors and moods. Check out this photoshoot of my new friend Brenda. She was magnificent!

location: Sacramento State Capitol Park and the surrounding area

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