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Abele Farms Photoshoot Location, Woodland

Almond Orchards are only blooming for about 2-3 weeks out of the year, so if you are thinking about booking a photoshoot at this location in Woodland, in the glorious white almond blossoms, you really have to plan ahead. The blooming season depends on the winter weather, so calling the farm ahead of time will ensure you get the right dates. These places fill up fast and most orchards now charge a fee for the use of their farm.

I went out to meet MaryJo, the owner of Abele Farms, after the flooding season on 2023 and she gave me the grand tour. We walked through the vintage house, the event barn and through the lower grounds. The upper grounds were too muddy, so I didn't get a chance to go up on the hill to see the rolling hills view, but I got some beautiful images to show my future clients and the almond trees had a beautiful pink budding shade. If you're planning on doing an orchard photoshoot next year, please contact me in January to book your session. Hopefully we can make it out to Abele Farms together!

Location: Abele Farms, Woodland Ca

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