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Bass Lake Family Photoshoot

Paige's family photoshoot started out with the twins not being really sure of me and her son wanting to go explore instead of taking pictures with his parents. This happens a lot at photoshoots, and it's totally normal. Kids around 3-5 years old are in the exploring time of life and everything is new and exciting. They have discovered that they have a voice and strong opinions about what they want. My goal in a session is to get them excited about getting their picture taken. I try to win them over with encouragement and sometimes, if I get some cute smiles I dole out my tictacs one at a time, if it's ok with the parents. If that doesn't work, I try a little bit of psychology. I try praising the kids who are cooperating and rewarding them openly so that the other child will become interested in what's going on with them and eventually they will want to participate. This works almost EVERY time!

Paige and Storm were awesome at following my lead and by the end of the session, their little boy was posing for me and really hamming it up. I loved getting to know them and can't wait to photograph them again next year!

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