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Callie and David's Wedding

A wedding photoshoot really starts with an engagement photoshoot. I met Callie and David last spring down by the river while all the wedding planning was just getting started. It was so fun to hear how they met and where they were at in the process! Fast forward to their wedding day...

Unfortunately for me, I had food poisoning the night before, so I was not feeling my best. I quickly hopped on Facebook to hire a second shooter and found Babar who did an amazing job backing me up. I was so thankful to have another person there to take unique shots for me and shoot the groomsmen getting ready while I was with Callie, the bride.

This wedding venue was gorgeous with all the old fashioned vibes. The getting ready rooms were a little tight, but we got some beautiful shots of Callie in her dress and the groomsmen getting David ready. The first look and private vows were so precious in the garden. Tears were shed memories were made.

The outside wedding was perfect and the lighting was dreamy. As you can see in these images, I was able to capture so much joy that day!

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