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Kelly and Denver Wedding

Working with Kelly and Denver was such a joy! The love they have for each other was evident right from the start. I enjoyed getting to know them during one of our phone call chats. They found each other online and hit it off right away. Believe it or not, but their first in person date was to a World Series game! I knew I would love capturing their wedding day hearing their story.

Kelly and Denver were sealed at the Oakland LSD Temple and had most of their family photos done there. It was high noon, so there was plenty of light and warmth during their session. We found the rooftop gardens to be an excellent spot for some shaded portraits, along with the front area with fountains and flowers. I enjoyed their smiles and giggles and never had to tell them to kiss, because they just couldn't stop! Like I said, they are so in love!

Family photos was done quickly, so that they could all go to the reception for cocktail hour. During that time, we walked all around the temple, getting portraits of the couple for their wedding album.

The reception was quite lovely and started out with a ring exchange ceremony. Some of the guests were not able to attend the temple ceremony, so this was a very special time for them to see just how much Kelly and Denver love each other. Denver's granddaughter was the flower girl and did such a great job dropping rose petals, that she also picked them up along the way. Being 3, she didn't know that it was ok to just leave them there. With a little help from mom, she figured it out. The ceremony was beautiful in The Bridges Gold Club Reception Venue and the room was beautifully decorated. All with the help from Sandra and her team from Savvy Weddings, who were an excellent team of wedding planners to work with.

Their big bubble send off was delightful and Kelly looked stunning again in her red dress. We all lined up outside of the venue to wish them farewell. Enjoy this beautiful gallery from their wedding below.

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