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Lake Tahoe Photoshoot

Debbie Stockwell Studio takes to the road to do a Lake Tahoe photoshoot. Even though this location is a two hour drive for me, it's totally worth it! I absolutely love the trees, the snow, the lake and the people I meet at Lake Tahoe.

One of the things about this location that makes it so versatile is the trees lining the lake. You can get such a wide variety of pictures all within a couple of minutes of each other. The trees are very tall, so you have to use a very wide lens to really capture their majestic beauty. The lake in the background really makes these trees pop and they perfectly frame a couple or family.

This maternity photoshoot was so much fun because this couple wanted to try so many unique pose ideas. They have such a fun relationship so I just went with it. Needless to say, they loved the album (since a lot of the ideas were theirs). When I have an hour with you, I can tell right away what will work and what won't. Every experience is different and unique like each of my clients.

This gorgeous momma to be did amazingly well in the snow and her little baby heater kept her warm in this gorgeous lace dress. We did a quick wardrobe change towards the end into her traditional cultural robe. It was fun seeing her incorporate the pine cones into this session, as they are a family symbol.

Ok, enough said, here's the fun part- enjoy this small gallery of their session.

Location: Zepher Cove, Lake Tahoe

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