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Multi-family Photoshoot with Debbie Stockwell Studio

If you are having a family gathering or reunion in the near future, hiring a photographer is one of the best decisions you can make. It's like having a professional photographer at your wedding. These are the moments you never want to forget. I remember my mom pulling out our family reunion photos of when I was a kid and laughing at the silly cousin pictures and personalities at these group photos. I am so glad someone had a camera at those events.

OK, so you might ask yourself, how does the packaging work for a multi-family photoshoot at Debbie Stockwell Studio? I have a base rate per hour to do large group photos. We take pictures of everyone looking at the camera, everyone looking at each other, everyone smiling and laughing at the camera and if the group is small enough, we take walking photos (see below).

If your group wants to do individual family portraits, I charge a small fee to do small "break out session" for each family. This usually take 10-15 minutes that they will receive about 5-10 images of just their family. This so important for people with children of any age.

I also take pictures of the grandparents with the grandkids, the original family and all the grandkids (if they are cooperative). It's a great opportunity to get your kids new outfits and really prep them for a once in a lifetime family gathering occasion and photoshoot.

Location: Roseville, CA

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