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Peg's Family Photoshoot, El Dorado Hills

This was one of the happiest family reunions I have seen. What a fun family! They haven't all been together for several years, so this was a happy time for them to reconnect and have make some memories. The perfect time for a family photoshoot and the pictures came out wonderful. It was a bit smokey from the fires, and a little warm from our heatwave, but they were such good sports and had the best attitudes. We picked this shady location because it was the middle of the day (1pm). The trees and smokey haze made some interesting backdrops for this photoshoot. By the way, how cool is it that they brought actual 49er stadium seats as props for these family photos!

If you are planning on booking a reunion or family gathering with several families, you might want to bring along a list of all the groups you want photographed. That way, we can make sure in the chaos of kids and adults, that we don't forget anyone. You never want to go home after all that effort and wonder if you got Aunt Jo and Uncle Jim together. So, when you book a multi-family photoshoot, bring along your list and everyone will get what they were hoping for.

Picking a location is also important. If you have little kids, you may want to pick a park near your home so you don't have the children falling asleep on the way to the session. If they do happen to fall asleep, it's always nice to get there early so you have some time for them to wake up before the shoot. This usually takes 10-15 minutes depending on the child.

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